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most popular small designer dog in Australia


About: Cavoodle pups for sale - first generation Cavalier and Poodle mix/cross. 

Cavoodles are a small, designer breed dog (otherwise known as a hybrid breed) that are a mix between Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Poodles (Toy or Miniature). Cavoodles were deliberately bred as a small family companion dog in the 1990’s in both the USA and Australia and have since become Australia’s most popular small breed designer dog.

One definite characteristic of a cavoodle puppy is that its temperament is gentle and sweet. Cavoodle puppies are bright and friendly pups that are easy going and sociable since both of its parents have these characteristics.Cavoodle pups are remarkably intelligent and easily trained.

Cavoodles are a playful breed that enjoys interacting with children. But Cavoodles are also a mellow and relaxed dogs by nature, thanks to the influence of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel which is one of the most laid back of all the breeds – that said - Cavoodles love to join their family in activities and on outings.


The choice of Cavoodle puppy between a poodle mix/cross was made for two reasons. The first was to improve the health of the Cavaliers as much as possible while still having a dog that has an eager to please nature. The two breeds that produce Cavoodle puppies share few of the same hereditary health concerns and have very different lineages to each other to increase the genetic diversity that the new breed would possess, i.e. hybrid vigour.

Poodles were chosen for the mix due to their virtually non-shed coats that make them excellent indoor dogs as well as being of benefit to families with members who are allergic to dog hair. Cavoodle puppies will generally have a low to non-shed coat and not the tight wool coat that is associated with Poodles.


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Cavoodle puppies